Bird Passengers are an electronic indie pop band with ties to Nashville, Salt Lake City, & San Diego. The band is working on releasing their newest album early 2018. 

Their music has recently been featured on a Caddilac commercial, and Spotify's Global Viral Top 50 playlist.

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Katy McAllister is a songwriter and artist from Denver, CO. Her debut album TAKE ME AWAY charted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. She is currently working on her follow up targetting a 2018 release.

Her incredibly unique vocals and delivery, along with relatable songwriting have allowed her to attain 80k subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

In addition to her artist career, Katy is an active songwriter for other artists. 

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Hailing from opposite ends of the country, JM-N is an up and coming electronic - pop band based in Nashville, TN. Made up of east coast natives, singer Madison Lawrence and writer Joe Tounge and west coast producer Nate Dodge, their music is a unique blend of New York electronic meets L.A pop. Influences such as The Chainsmokers, Halsey and Ariana Grande can be heard throughout JM-N’s repertoire which combines huge upbeat drums and pumping synths with massive vocals and enticing lyrics.

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Indie Electronic from Utah.

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Old Daisy is an americana/folk/pop duo. The band has been featured by iTunes and their music has been heard on shows such as Teen Mom, Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Dash Dolls, Born This Way, and many more.

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When rap and pop collide with acoustic sunshine. Scott & Brendo consists of Scott Winn and Brenden Bytheway, both residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Meeting in college about four years ago, they we became fast friends because of our similar interests in film, music, comedy, and hair styles. "Both of us loved to write and record music in our spare time and we thought it would be perfect to collaborate" says Scott. "I have always loved the idea of mixing acoustic guitar with hip hop/pop elements, so it was really just another experiment" he continues. 

The band has received over 100 million views on youtube.

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